An experienced group of mech warriors and currently in charge due to their ownership of a jump ship. They negotiate the contracts with the various houses and then set up sub contracts with the mercenary groups aligned with them. They can muster almost four lances worth of mechs.


A not so experienced and smaller group of mech warriors that have been with the Firehounds for a year now. They have seen limited action but are far from green. They can muster two lances worth of mechs.

Red Steel Panthers – Our group

A new and inexperienced mercenary company. We have seen very little action and currently we can only muster 1 lance worth of mechs.

Dark Stars

The Dark Stars are the aerospace and mechanized support units associated with the Firehounds. They have a moderate amount of experience but are currently low on equipment.


SIG is the infiltration and specialized missions group associated with the Firehounds. They are used when eyes on the ground are more important than mech firepower and are used in delicate situations.


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