Dirk Krace

"It's better to be lucky than good"



Piloting: 4 Edge: 4
Gunnery: 2 Rank: 1
XP: 18 BP 1


  • Adept Learner: Extra XP from training and no XP cap
  • Heat Optimization: One less heat per round
  • SRM Improved Range: Ranges 1-4/5-7/8-10
  • SRM Missile Barrage: +1 on Missile Table
  • SRM Improved Missile Barrage: +1 on Missile Table

Tara’s younger brother leads a gifted life, always managing to be in the right place at the right time. He spends a great deal of his off time playing poker with the few mechwarriors who haven’t gotten sick of losing money to the kid.

Dirk Krace

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