Mechs Mayhem and Madness.... surviving and thriving in 3029

Whata way to begina!

Holy smoka!
We a sura hada heckuva tima, eh boys? we tailed thata sona ma batcha all arounda the town anda even puta some bugs ona him’s car. And him didn’t even notice! Eh! what’s a fella to do, eh? I wasa gonna shoot him but we were a tolda “NO! Don’t a shoot him, justa follow him.” So we do and then whena we getsa da goods, BAMM ina coma the bigga boys – shoo! theya lit up a the nighta. Incoming on the shuttle, we geta good look at a big Mech a fire at a little mana. Mama mia, never did I expect to a see a a man shot by the autocannon, let me tell YOU! buta there he was a runnin to the hanger and then next thing i a see a … waita for it a … waita …. PAPA! hes a gone! then ina we go …



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