Mechs Mayhem and Madness.... surviving and thriving in 3029


Alex hauled himself up the boarding ladder and looked into the DropShip’s cockpit. He saw a pair of legs sticking out from under the control console. “Hey, Johnny, that you?”

“Yeah,” replied a voice from under the console.

“Hey, Johnny. What’s up with this crate? System says the buffer modulator’s offline.”

Johnny pushed himself out from under the console. “Yeah, the control board’s shot. And we don’t have a replacement.”

“Shit. We’re supposed to drop in an hour,” Alex said, “You gonna tell the gunny?” Whoever reported the problem to Roads would get a verbal ass-kicking.

“Not if I don’t have to.” Johnny looked thoughtful. “The control board’s not that complicated. I could hack something up in a few minutes if I had a signal source. Like from a comm kit, but Roads would be pissed if I ripped one of those apart.”

“Hey, I’ve got something that might work,” said Alex, “A wireless tri-vid cam. Just a minute, I’ll go get it.”

As Alex headed off, Johnny called after him, “What are you doing with a wireless camera, anyway?” Alex didn’t answer. It was pure luck that he still had the camera – he’d had to retrieve it from Tara Krace’s cabin after she’d started raving about cyborg spies. Fortunately, the incident had been put down to Krace’s usual paranoia.

After all, thought Alex, he’d been hired to do surveillance and infiltration. He needed to keep in practice.



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