Mechs Mayhem and Madness.... surviving and thriving in 3029


The jump ship “The Marojammer” slips silently through space, its enormous size dwarfed by the immensity of space. Corporal Bill “The Boomer” Warcowski strides through the metalic corridors heading towards his jump berth. The warning lights that indicate a K-Space jump is imminent have flared to life bathing the hallways in a red glow. Bill gets to his jump berth and straps himself in. He always hates the waiting while anticipating the warping caused by a K-Space jump. Part of the Fire Hounds under Gorgeous George, Bill is a crack shot and skilled pilot but none of those abilities will help him if the Marojammer gets attacked. For the most part the various houses and mercenary groups have an unspoken rule about attacking and destroying jump ships as they are impossible to replace but that doesn’t mean that it can’t or won’t happen.

The entire ship dims as all the energy is sucked out of every possible place and then the ship folds into itself and jumps into K-space. The journey takes but an eyeblink and then the Marojammer re-appears in regular space some 27 light years from her starting point. A huge pulse of energy radiates out from the ship announcing within the next 20 minutes to the entire system of their arrival. Bill grunts and braces in anticipation, if the ship is going to get ambushed it will happen in the next couple of minutes while she is still vulnerable and before she has had a chance to deploy her drop ships and aerospace fighters. No explosions occur, no sirens blare, and so Bill unstraps himself and heads to briefing to find out why the fine crew of the Fire Hounds has made this trip to this back water system…..



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